So, What the Hell Happened?

Yeah, Candace.  What the hell happened to you last week?
I do know that someone was definitely looking out for me.  It could have been so much worse.
I know many of you have asked and are still asking me this question.  My fellow Instagram and Facebook friends have been giving a photo show of the nasty progression of the swelling of my eyes and face followed by the bruising and blistering of my thumb.   I had an allergic reaction to medication.  The timeline is as follows (some photos might make some uncomfortable):
Thursday at 1pm – Medication ingested.

Thursday evening at 5pm – Swelling had commenced and was fully taking over my right thumb.  I already knew it was an allergic reaction as I had something similar, but less aggressive, the year before.

Thursday evening at 10pm – Face has swelled.  It didn’t get any worse that this.  However, my thumb swelled so much that it bruised because there was no space for blood vessels.  This probably happened because I was still using my hand throughout the swelling and aggravated it.


Friday morning at 8:30am – Face is still the same but I was able to cover most of the damage with makeup.  Thumb was still swollen and numb. 


Friday at noon – Blister begins.  I’m unable to bend my thumb still and it was numb.


Friday night at 10:30pm – I had already been to a walk-in clinic around 4pm.  The doctor was very confused and even googled my symptoms – Totally comforting.  I had already known from the night before that I was having an allergic reaction.  He couldn’t seem to understand that I didn’t hit my hand on anything.  At 10:30 I went to the emergency at Mount Sinai. They agreed that it was a (strange) allergic and decided to drain it.

Although I didn’t really feel it was a true “emergency” I am still glad I went to the hospital.  I was in and out within an hour.  Mount Sinai has been the best experience so far.  My poor drained thumb.  It is heavily bandaged as it is now an open wound.  It’s taking it’s time to heal and I expect a scar.  My face is still a little swollen but it seems to be tapering off.


Today.  I am a gauzy hand delight.

Well, this is what happened.

Men, be not squeamish… This one is for the ladies.  Ah!  Oh no!  Lady-bits problem!


I have an allergy to medication that cures yeast infections.  Yes, that’s right.  I just had a simple yeast infection that needed some help and it landed me in swelly, bruisy, oozy hell – all on my face and hand.  Many people asked me “What was the medication for?” and I would just say, “just… medication,” because who really wants to tell everyone that’s what is going on.  Ladies, you know exactly where I am coming from.

So ladies, I am now banned from all oral medication for cures yeast infections and am to be punished my creamy insert hell for the rest of my life… unless I feel like scarring my hand up some more.  I sort of need it.

PS Thank you free healthcare.